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Scientific Program

October 6th
PreCongress Course - OI Basics (the sessions of this course will be spoken in Portuguese)

12h00 - Registration

14h00 -  Welcome and reception  

                    Dr Fátima Godinho, 

14h30 -  Introduction to Osteogenesis Imperfecta 

                    Dr Anabela Bandeira

15h00 -  Classification and Genetic Diagnosis 

                    Dr Patrícia Almeida Dias

15h30 -  The Impact of Diagnoses on Families 

                     Prof Margarida Custódio dos Santos
16h00 - Coffee break
16h30 -  Medical Treatments of OI 

                     Dr Paula Garcia
17h00 -  Surgical Treatments of OI 

                      Dr João Campagnolo
17h30 - Clinical Case Studies

                      Dr Fátima Godinho


October 7th

09h00 - Session I - powered by APOI:
               Diagnostic Approaches and Pharmacological Therapy
   Moderator - Dr Paula Garcia

                   Diagnostic approaches for OI 

                            Prof Francis Glorieux

                  Osteogenesis imperfecta in children : An extensive institutional experience  

                            Dr Belén  Sagastizabal Cardelus

                  Imaging in OI - What is New?       
                            Dr Amaka Offiah            


10H30 - coffee break 

11h00 - Session II - powered by the OIF
              Beyond fractures
  Moderator - Dr Fátima Godinho

                 Ocular Impact in Osteogenesis Imperfecta

                           Dr Elena Sevillano

                  Oral findings in children with osteogenesisimperfecta. Dental implications of treatment 

                  with bisphosphonates

                           Dr M. Joaquín de Nova García

                  Osteogenesis Imperfecta and hearing loss. The new approach after biphosphonates

                           Dr Ricardo Sanz

12h30 - Opening Ceremony

              Portuguese Ministery of Health

                         Prof Fernando Regateiro (in representation of The Minister of Health)

                Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa

                         (to be confirmed)

                Fundación AHUCE 

                          Mr Gerardo Muñoz Fernández (Fundación AHUCE´s President)


                          Mrs M. Céu Barreiros (APOI´s President)


 13h00 - lunch

14h30 - Session III - powered by Care4BB Foundation
              New Projects and Developments in Osteogenesis Imperfecta
              Moderator - Dr Patrícia Dias
                 PainLess - the Youngest Take Control
                         Prof Luísa Barros

               3D Morphometrics of Breathing Kinematics and its Potential Implications for Respiratory     

                Issues in OI

                         Dr Markus Bastir

                Stem-Cells: Application to the Treatment of Osteogenesis Imperfecta

                         Dr Clara I. Rodriguez

15h30 - Coffee break

16h00 - Session IV - powered by the OIFE:
              International Networks and Cooperation in Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Moderator - Ms Ute Wallentin

                   European Reference Networks - the patients organizations perspective

                         Ms Ingunn Westerheim

                European Reference Networks - the professionals perspective

                         Prof Nicholas Bishop

                International cooperation in Osteogenesis Imperfecta: the OI Network

                         Mrs Maria Barbero

17h00 - Free Communications and posters
   Moderator - Dr Manuel Cassiano Neves

               Free communications and poster presentations


October 8th
09h00 - Session V - powered by Fundación AHUCE:
              Orthopaedic Surgery, Physical Therapy and other Challenges
     Moderator - Dr Carolina Escalda,

                    Management of Spinal Conditions in Osteogenesis Imperfecta 

                            Dr Suken A. Shah

                  New Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery 

                            Dr Ana Bueno Sanchez

                  Physiotherapy Concepts in Osteogenesis Imperfecta 

                            Pht Miguel Rodriguez Molina


10h30 - coffee break

11h00 - Honorary Lecture 
             Moderator - Dr Manuel Cassiano Neves

               New Pharmaceutical Treatments

                         Prof Francis Glorieux        

12h00 - Closing Session

                 On Behalf of the Sceintific Committe of APOI

                           Dr Manuel Cassiano Neves

                 On Behalf of the Scientific Committe of Fundación AHUCE

                           Dra Ana Bueno Sanchez


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Scientific Committee

- Dr Ana M. Bueno Sánchez
- Dr Manuel Cassiano Neves
- Prof Margarida Custodio dos Santos
- Prof Joaquín de Nova
- Dr Patrícia Dias
- Dr Fátima Godinho
- Prof Francis Glorieux
- Dr Pilar Gutiérrez
- Dr José Ignacio Parra
- Dr Belén Sagastizabal


Speakers and Guests

- Dr Anabela Bandeira;

        Pediatrician; H Sto António; Porto; Portugal

- Mrs Maria Barbero;

         Fundacíon AHUCE, Spain; Padrinos OI,     


- Mrs M Céu Barreiros;

        APOI´s President, Lisbon, Portugal

- Prof Luísa Barros;

        Psychologist; Fac Psicologia Univ Lisboa, 

        LIsbon, Portugal

- Dr Markus Bastir; 

        Scientific holder , MNCN-CSIC, Madrid, Spain

- Prof Nicholas Bishop

        Prof of Paediatric Bone Disease;  University of

        Sheffield and Sheffield Children’s Hospital, UK

- Dr Ana Bueno Sanchez;

        Orthopaedics; Hosp Getafe; Madrid; Spain

- Dr João Campagnolo;

       Orthopaedics; H D Estefânia (CHLC); Lisbon; 


- Dr Manuel Cassiano Neves;

       Orthopaedics; EPOS; Hosp CUF Descobertas,

       APOI, Lisbon; Portugal

 - Prof Margarida Custódio dos Santos;

        Psychologist; Fac Psicologia Univ Lisboa; 

        Esc Sup Tecnologias Saúde Lisboa; 

        APOI, Lisbon; Portugal

- Prof Joaquin de Nova García;

        Odontopediatrícian; Univ Complutense de 

        Madrid; Spain

- Dr Patrícia Dias;

       Geneticist; H Sta Maria; Lisbon; Portugal

- Dr Carolina Escalda;

        Orthopaedics, Hosp G Orta; Almada; Portugal

- Dr Paula Garcia;

       Pediatrician; Hosp Ped Coimbra; Portugal

- Prof Francis Glorieux;

       Geneticist; Shrinner´s Hosp Montreal; Canadá

- Dr Fátima Godinho; 

        Reumathologist; H G Orta; Almada; Portugal

- Mr Gerardo Muñoz Fernández;

        AHUCE Foundation President, Spain

- Dr Amaka Offiah;

        Radiologist; Sheffield Hospital; UK

- Dr Clara I. Rodriguez;

        Group Leader Stem Cell and Cell therapy 

        Laboratory ; BioCruces Health Research 

        Institute, Bilbao, Spain

- Pht Miguel Rodríguez Molina;

       Physioterapist. AHUCE, Spain

- Dr Belén Sagastizabal Cardelus ;

        Endocrinologist; Hosp Getafe; Madrid; Spain

- Dr Ricardo Sanz;

       Otorhinolaryngology and cervico-facial

       pathology; Spain

 - Dr Elena Sevillano; 

        Ophtalmologist, Spain

- Dr Suken A. Shah;

       Orthopaedics; Nemours Hospital; Wilmington-

       Delaware; EUA

- Ms Ute Wallentin;

       OIFE; Padrinos OI; Germany

- Ms Ingunn Westheheim;

       President of the OIFE; Norway

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